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Do I need to vacuum my house before the carpet cleaning technician arrives?                             
   Answer: No, the equipment we utilize does the vacuuming.                                                                                 

What payment methods do you accept?                  
Answer: We accept, Cash, checks, Visa & Master Card.

I am moving out of my apartment, do you offer house cleaning services?
Answer: No

Do you move my furniture to clean under it?                                                                                                      Answer: We do NOT move anything, all areas that you want the technician to clean under furniture should  be moved prior to the arrival of the technician, for your safety we cant allow you to be moving items from room to room while the technician is cleaning, the carpets will be wet and we wouldn't want you to fall!

How long does it take for the carpet to dry?
Answer: 6-8 hours, we recommend a few windows slightly open in order to let the moisture out of the air. If preffer the heater is also a good option.                            

What is a combo room / L shaped room?
Answer: An example of a combo room would be a living room/dinning room, master bedroom with vanity area. For L shaped rooms, for example and L shaped Hallway.

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